[Wine] Dialog base units implementation question

mxmauro wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Mar 8 21:09:58 CDT 2009


I make a new topic here because i don't know if it is a bug or a "behaviour"

CreateDialog, MapDialogRect and many api uses the dialog box base units to convert from dialog units to pixels.

Seeing the implementation in wine and the results that real Windows o.s. do I think that instead of using these formulas:

pixels_x = MulDiv(dlu_x, xBaseUnit, 4);
pixels_y = MulDiv(dlu_y, yBaseUnit, 8);

i get best results converting values to floating points and then rounding the result:

pixels_x = (int)(((double)dlu_x * (double)xBaseUnit / 4.0) + 0.5);
pixels_y = (int)(((double)dlu_y * (double)yBaseUnit / 8.0) + 0.5);

If anyone can confirm (or negate) this please inform me.

Best regards,
Mauro H. Leggieri

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