[Wine] Multiple Applications - 1 WINE

froyn1980 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Mar 12 23:57:39 CDT 2009

Is it possible to have two applications running in a single "instance" of Wine?

Please don't flame me over the following next couple of lines, I've flamed myself enough for not being able to find the answer yet.

I would like to run World  of Warcraft and Ventrilo under the same window. I've tried all of the tricks I can find to get keystrokes from the foreground Wine running WoW to bypass and hit the background Wine running Ventrilo. I haven't had the time to take/learn Python to code anything myself to make this happen; so simplest solution works best.

In Wine 1.1.16 that I'm running there is an option to set the virtual desktop size. If I set my WoW resolution to run windowed mode and smaller than the full AND get Ventrilo into the same window it would solve the complex problem that a lot of people out there are facing.

Am I pipe dreaming or can it be done?

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