[Wine] Minor system hang when any games are running under wine.

Aldrenean wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Mar 15 22:20:57 CDT 2009

When I run any game under Wine, whether it's Morrowind, Dwarf Fortress or EVE, I get a totaly system hang periodically.  With MW and DF it happens about once every 5-10 minutes, and with EVE I only have about 5 seconds of usability between hangs, so that's almost totally unusable.

What happens:  I'll be playing MW, or have it running on a different desktop while I use Opera.  System input will hang for a second, while audio keeps running.  After about two to seven seconds, the audio will stop as well.  About 15 to 20 seconds of hang will follow, sometimes accompanied by the audio "blipping" once or twice.  Then the system will become responsive again, and the windows applications will redraw their interfaces and start working as well. 

While annoying, it's really not that bad, and beyond this bug MW and DF run almost flawlessly.  However, as mentiond above, it makes EVE totally unplayable; I haven't even gotten past login.  The fact that this happens while Dwarf Fortress, a 2D app, is running makes me think I must have things misconfigured, however the fact that it happens with greater frequency in EVE points to performance issues.

Any ideas?


GeForce 6200
P4 2.8 GHz
Wine --version: wine-1.1.15-221-g79cc416
Linux Mint 5 - Elyssa - Fluxbox CE
Kernel 2.6.24-23

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