[Wine] StarWars Galaxies, No DirectX installed

Maxiom wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Mar 16 01:03:54 CDT 2009

I was running SWG on  WINE 1.0.1-1 on my Debian (Lenny) AMD64 unit with only a few problems with joystick and some sound. It was running better with WINE than I could ever get it under Cedega. Anyway I decided to upgrade to 1.1.17 with hopes of solving some of my present issues.

I tried many short cuts to this but ended up Totally cleaning out wine and directory and installing fresh, then installing the game. It gave me the same message as all short cut attempts did. DirectX not loaded...

I have searched the forums and Bugzilla and have not found a clear answer as to why it would work in 1.0.1-1 and not 1.1.17 and how I might go about fixing it so decided to post.

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