[Wine] Wine 3d rendering error in Perfect World all versions

133794m3r wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Mar 16 18:03:02 CDT 2009

as stated the sprites aren't rendered properly for some unknow reason in all
perfect world versions. NO weapons, Armor, or the clothing is rendered. All
verisons are affected that i could get my hands on aka all versions that are
currently available and known about to me. The main 3 that are here were all
tested. Also attached is the scroll back in my terminal for help for someone
who wishes to see this.

Wine version 1.1.17
OS Xubuntu 8.1 Intrepid Ibex
3d driver Ati Catalyst 9.2

i think all info relevant is here and with the attachment.
located there
i'd like to get this resolved

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