[Wine] Chattha Sangayana - bit of a challenge

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sat Mar 21 05:21:39 CDT 2009

> As a Buddhist monk there were many reasons for
> choosing to go with Linux, mostly ethical.

I would personally love to hear more. There are few choices that I
respect more than your particular choice of lifestyle, dedication, and
discipline. It is not the right choice for me, but I take a personal
interest nonetheless. You can contact me offlist at this email

> Consequently, there isn't much time to learn, coupled with
> electricity and internet connectivity limitations, so troubleshooting
> has been an OJT kinda thing.

Isn't much time to learn? That is both true and untrue at the same
time, depending on what your goal is. If you have the immediate goal
of running a particular application in wine, then I understand. But I
would expect a longterm goal from you.

> Unfortunately, what may seem to be a simple request,
> like "Terminal Output", is kind of another language for
> me, and I am not even sure where to begin to find out
> how to provide that info. So, may I ask your patience in
> telling me precisely the steps I need to take in order to
> provide the terminal output info?

Just copy and post the information that shows in the terminal when you
run the app.

Dotan Cohen


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