[Wine] Re: "file not found" [detailed]

rein wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Mar 23 12:39:31 CDT 2009

FYR wrote:
> -- to the Developers: --
> if this is indeed a glitch in how Wine gives apps access to files, you might want to check out FASM's source code to see where the problem might come from.

Well, checking the documentation ( fasm.pdf) tells you that:

 "The example source provided with this version require you have environment variable INCLUDE set to the path of the include directory"


"put the following two lines into your c:\fasmw\fasmw.ini file:
Include = c:\fasmw\include

You can quickly test this by running wine with a command like:

INCLUDE='c:\fasmw\include' wine fasm.exe

(works fine here) or put it in the registry or the ini file as indicated.

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