[Wine] How does a noob have to uninstall Wine (on MacOSX)??

Bob Lee Swagger wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Mar 26 12:30:18 CDT 2009


I have tried to install Wine on my mac pro (leopard 10.5.6) but it did'nt work very well. When I wanted to run a windows applications, wine told me that I had to install Freetype 2.0.5 or later. I downloaded it from this website : http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=3157.
Unfortunately I didn't install freetype properly. As a consequence, when I try to run an application there are many problems. Therefore, I would like to uninstall Wine totaly. I don't know how to do... I found this : 
> 2.7. How do I uninstall Wine?
> If you want to remove Wine entirely after you installed it with your distribution's package manager, you can generally uninstall in the same way. Note, however, that uninstalling Wine will not eliminate the virtual Windows installation - to do that you must follow the instructions below. If you installed Wine from source, then use make uninstall in the source directory to remove it.

I think I have to use make uninstall but I don't know where is situated the source directory (yes I am a noob  [Embarassed] ).

Do you know how I can do? I would like to delete all Wines's files and all Freetype's files in order to reinstall everything later.

Thanks for help.

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