[Wine] Shared clipboard, drag and drop, Linux <> Wine 1.1.20

z4k wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri May 1 14:54:47 CDT 2009

Can Wine be set up to allow "drag and drop" between Ubuntu 9.04 Nautilus 2.26.2 file manager and a Windows app running in Wine?

The Windows application is the "Yamaha File Utility" v1.1.0 which allows MIDI files to be transferred to a Yamaha CLP-150 Clavinova digital piano.  Unfortunately, the software relies on drag and drop for the file transfer.  In native Windows, I would drag a MIDI file from Windows Explorer and drop it on the Yamaha File Utility window.  This would then trigger the transfer of the file to the piano.  There is no other way to add files to the list.

However, this does not seem to work with the app running in Wine.  The Wine File Manager (winefile) does not seem to allow drag and drop, even when the Wine "virtual desktop" is used.  I see in the File menu of Wine file manager there is an option "In Clipboard...", when clicked displays "Not yet implemented".

Wine version 1.1.20

Any help very appreciated.

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