[Wine] Re: City of Heroes control problem. Keys repeat.

ThePenciler wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri May 1 21:47:20 CDT 2009

tparker wrote:
> Check and see if you have SCIM enabled or installed. Remove SCIM and 
> anything the OS wants to take with it, also remove any version of 
> libgxim and anything tied to it, then retest. Those two are common 
> enough problems that, if nothing else, eliminating them will be sure 
> they are not your problem.

Ah. Ok, I uninstalled SCIM and all the items it wanted to uninstall with it. And I couldn't find anything related to libgxim (so I had nothing to uninstall). I then restarted and it still happens. :(

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