[Wine] Re: Can't get Photoscape to run :-(

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat May 2 13:06:05 CDT 2009

MT Brain wrote:
> Tried all of them with another clean installation. Nothing. It either crashes or isn't usable because nothing is displayed...

What version of Photoscape are you using? I downloaded the current one, 3.3; if you're using an older version, try upgrading. 

Something is going wrong with Photoscape's gdiplus on your system, and I don't know what. Photoscape needs it--even on my system, I get the blank thumbnails when I set the override to builtin only or builtin, native, but I don't get a crash from the other possibilities (including no overrides set). 

But I'm on openSUSE, not Ubuntu, so it could be a difference in the distro  packages. You could try compiling Wine from source and see if Photoscape still crashes; if it doesn't crash on your system with vanilla Wine, then it's something in the Ubuntu packages. Beyond that, I'm afraid I'm running out of ideas.

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