[Wine] Weird OpenGL problems

James Huk huk256 at gmail.com
Sun May 3 17:00:00 CDT 2009

2009/5/3 jho <wineforum-user at winehq.org>

> Ok, I upgraded to xorg-server-1.6.1 and the current git version of
> xf86-video-intel.
> Everything seems to work normally, but my glxgears fps went down by 200 (no
> big deal really, I know it happens, it's not a benchmark, etc, just thought
> it would be worth a mention), and wine outputs less of the warnings/errors.
> But Wine still fails to run anything that requires direct rendering
> correctly. All the native applications still run fine and get good
> performance.
> Here's the output of HL2 now (still crashes after a second or two in the
> loading screen): http://pastebin.com/d41a4d718
> And here's Soldat: http://pastebin.com/d15e2fb40 (notice how this went
> from ~1600 lines to just 92 lines. I did the exactly same thing: started the
> game, entered a match, opened the main menu and pressed exit)
Try setting GLSL to "disabled" (http://wiki.winehq.org/UsefulRegistryKeys),
if that doesn't help, try turning off pixel shaders in winecfg - PS are
cause of most crashes and graphical corruption as far as I'm aware of. Also
even if you use -dxlevel 7.0 wine itself will still try to use PS for some
things (in Operation Flashpoint (game written in DX7) for example – wine
draw fog using PS – probably other things too)
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