[Wine] Re: OneNote2007 and Wine

omsafiaa wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon May 4 12:03:33 CDT 2009

I downloaded the files which are discussed here which allowed me to install vlc on the machine. Then I put in the commands for Wine. 

To install onenote i used the install file in the software which seemed to complete without any problems either, running the install file from the sd card and installing the software onto the D:/ usb drive.

I opened wineconfig and added all the .exe files in the onenote folder on the d: drive and at the bottom set wine to work as windows xp.

How do i get the terminal output - for what i already did or for when i try to start the program? Sorry i need an explanation for how to get it.

Thank you for helping me.

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