[Wine] Re: Games run, but i can always see desktop

gamblor01 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon May 4 23:14:08 CDT 2009

> I have resolved the issue by doing what you guys said; i went to system - appeareances - visual effects. I had it set on normal, which i changed to "none". 

Glad to hear that it this worked for you.  It does however have some consequences.  For example, there are some animations that occur when you launch programs, open/close windows, and so forth that don't happen.  Also, the alt+tab menu isn't nearly as cool.  Quite possibly the most annoying thing for me though, transparency in terminal doesn't function the way I like.  If you set the effects to none then a "transparent" terminal on top of a window (say, a web page) shows the desktop background instead of being truly transparent and displaying the web page underneath it (this DOES happen if you used the normal or extra option).

If you ask me, displaying the background instead of the window directly beneath it is undesirable.  It makes it so that your desktop doesn't flow (ok so that's completely aesthetic) but I do things quite often where I am typing commands from one window into my terminal.  I like to be able to place the terminal over that other window and still see the text through it so I don't have to keep switching back and forth and so on.

So just a head's up.  You may want to write a script that launches your game.  It could something like:

metacity --replace && wine wc3.exe && compiz --replace

There are probably some other options you need to pass it but something along those lines should be sufficient.

> On a related note , someone (meaning not me Smile) should write a little gtk/python Gnome thingymabob applet called 'Games Launcher' to add game programs to do an automatic 'metacity --replace / compiz --replace' when a certain program is launched.

Someone did write something similar to what you are asking for.  You can get the script here:


Basically what it does to start up another X server that is just about as vanilla as you can get.  When you want to play a game you simply go to the secondary X server using ctrl+alt+F12 (or it will take you there automatically if you launch a game).

Or, as I mentioned above, you could just write a simple script that uses the && operator and performs all of the commands.  ;)

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