[Wine] Modo302, UI delay

PuG wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed May 6 03:26:43 CDT 2009

Good day, over the last few revisions of wine & ubuntu ive been testing Modo302 from Luxology. 

The program works nearly perfectly and appears fully functional, however its suffering from a short delay of upto 2 seconds in the UI when the tools are selected and used.

Ive tried virtually everything I can do, from reg adjustments to swapping in native DLLS from WinXP. None of it appears to resolve the UI Pause (just to note the OpenGL viewports themselves are rendering fine, and if you use the pan/rot/sca buttons their are no delays, only the rest of the ui is effected).

A gentlemen on Wine's IRC channel suggested its probably an insufficiency somewhere, and that Modo may need profiling? unfortunately I don't have the programming knowledge todo this.  

Is their any likely hood if someone could take a peak? a modo trial can be downloaded from:


Or anyother suggestions? 

Best Regards,

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