[Wine] Re: City of Heroes control problem. Keys repeat.

ThePenciler wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed May 6 10:02:28 CDT 2009

esemario wrote:
> Yes, the GNOME option.
> The only problem is that the chat is less comfortable, but everything else works.
> And, it seems that the problem, in the end, is neither from Ubuntu or Wine, but from the new XOrg release included in Jaunty...

And if the XOrg team believes in the new code they introduced plus they want it to be included in future releases AND with their tests it doesn't seem to mess with Linux native software anyway then I doubt the XOrg team will fix it or think of it as a bug. Which means that it's up to the Wine team to code around it. The XOrg team probably doesn't expect their code to be used with Windows native software anyway (with them most likely being Unix/Linux centric focused on their project) and I don't think they can be expected to fix this problem just for Wine and Windows-software-on-Linux users.

Unless the Jaunty XOrg release causes problems with Linux software as well then we'll see some action from the XOrg team which may or may not fix the problem with Wine.

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