[Wine] Re: Wine slower on x64 machines

calhau0 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed May 6 10:37:54 CDT 2009

Tried with

Ubuntu 9.04 x64

Tomb raider III - major slowdowns and breaks
Crayon physics - no Breaks but very slow
Counter strike 1.6 lower framerates (not much 3-5 fps of diference)
Age of empires II a little slower, can't say if it is a wine regression or x64 fault haven't tried wine 1.20 on x86 yet.
Flash 8 - Normal speed? can't tell if it's faster or slower it runs at normal speed anyway

ubuntu 9.04 x86
Tomb raider III - runs perfecly smooth
Crayon physics- smooth aswell
Counter strike runs faster, hard to tell the diference only saw a little fps improvement

Both were run on clean installations.

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