[Wine] Is it an easy way to find an application with old report?

Joots wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu May 7 16:48:27 CDT 2009


I think the answer is no but i could have not seen it.
I think it should be an easy way to find them.

There are a lots of applications which have very very old reports. 

I found a little hack with firefox to find some old reports and it shows that there is a lot of them.

We can see with this links that ~ 1400 apps have tests older than 40 version of wine.  :? 

For old bug, Austin asks [Wink]  , but for appdb it is a too long job for developers. I think appdb should authorize users easily to find old tests with others filters (didn't find how to add with version < 1.1.15)

There are a lots of garbage; bronze; silver reports which are outdated; and not permit users to find them make this situation worse; 

There should be all version of wine in the wine version filter or a filter for the date of tests (> 6 months, > one year), so users who want to test apps or games with downloads link will permit to update the appdb.

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