[Wine] How to open apps...

Martin Gregorie martin at gregorie.org
Fri May 8 05:11:37 CDT 2009

On Thu, 2009-05-07 at 20:26 -0500, Kaboo wrote:
> Ok, i started VNC server..
> "New 'X' desktop is blabla.bla-:1
> Starting applications specified in /etc/x11/xsession
> log file is root/.vnc/blablabla:1.log".
> But when i try to connect with VNC Viewer, i got the following error:
> "unable to connect to host: Connection refused (10061)".
> Didn't find anything good related to it on internet, does anyone had
> this error, or know how to solve?
Have you got the firewall running on Linux? If so, it is probably
blocking the ports used by Xvnc, the server started by the vncserver
script. Xvnc listens on:

- 590x for vncviewer
- 580x for the Java applet

where x is the desktop number. In case you didn't realize, you can leave
more than copy of Xnvnc running in different logins and use the port
number to select which login to use.

Use the firewall management tool (it is System:Administration:Firewall
on Fedora) to open at least port 5801 (if you want to try the applet)
and 5901 (for vncviewer).


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