[Wine] DirectX: cab file cannot be trusted

Jazz wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri May 8 10:35:05 CDT 2009

When I'm trying to install DirectX, I get the following error at the beginning of installation process (after all confirmations):

> A Cabinet file necessary for the installation cannot be trusted

I have encountered this problem with multiple versions of wine and directx redistributables. I had no need in using directx for a long time, but looks like some features are not implemented for most recent versions (like used in F.E.A.R. 2) and so I decided to install directx.

I googled about this problem and wine, but it seems to be very rare bug, but the problem is always reproducible for me with 1.1.20, 2009 march directx redistributable and absolutely clean prefix.

The only console message I get (with default debug options) is:

> fixme:mscoree:GetCORVersion (0x8ae2f8, 600, 0x8ae2e4): semi-stub!

Can anyone give me hints about installation of recent directx version?

Thanks in advance.

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