[Wine] Diablo LOD Copy Protection

thom_raindog wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri May 8 14:36:03 CDT 2009


I just tried to install D2 and LOD. Things work smooth, using the iso images I created. 
On my first try I installed D2 first, started it, let it update through BattleNet. I tried it WITHOUT the CD afterwards, since the patch notes said I could, and it worked just fine.
So I installed LOD next and it asked for the CD to start. I put it in and ran the update. Tried to start again, but it still instisted on having the CD.

I deleted that install and started over. Installed D2 AND LOD right after each other and THEN started it and ran the update. Still, it demands the Expansion CD...

Since it seems to work withouth LOD I suppose my system is  set up correctly? I have winecfg set to Win2000 as I read that could help but to no avail...

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