[Wine] Re: Copy files from Original Windows CD,possible?

Freakazo wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun May 10 08:37:30 CDT 2009

Virtualization is a whole over story. A long story.
But basically with Virtualization you run another OS(Operating System) inside an OS, so in the end you will basically still use Windows. The only problem with virtualisation is that it can't let the guest OS use all of the hardware such as graphics cards, sound cards etc.
So it's easier to just dual boot Linux and Windows until wine get's better support for the application that you want to use.

> The Wine project is possible to support all Windows Application? 

That's what the Wine developers are seeking to do :)

>  Windows 7 it use the Visualization technology to Run Windows XP application

Details about how windows 7 will do that is kind of sketchy atm, but it looks like it will almost be a complete virtual machine seamlessly integrated into your desktop, much like on of Virtualbox's features. But windows 7 technique will still have the same fundamental features and flaws as normal virtualization techniques ( guest OS can't use all of the hardware such as graphics cards, sound cards etc.) so installing drivers ment for XP and running games with that won't be an option.

>  this technology is possible to Run Windows Application ,Games ,Windows drivers etc in Linux?

With Virtualization you won't be able to fully use the graphics card or other hardware (except the CPU and a predetermined amount of RAM) so drivers and games won't work under a Virtualized OS.

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