[Wine] Noob Here Please Help

perryh at pluto.rain.com perryh at pluto.rain.com
Mon May 11 02:26:46 CDT 2009

> >> Isn't Yellow Dog for Power PC Macs?  If it is, you will not
> >> be able to run X86 applications on it ...
> > IIRC it re-targeted the PS3. Still not x86 though...
> Still need an X86 emulator.  Q-Kemu was for PowerPC systems.
> Might just work on a PS3.  However, if the processor is not
> super-fast, it will be very slow.

A PS3 uses an IBM Cell processor, which more or less amounts to a
dual-core PPC970 (plus some specialized coprocessors which I suspect
would not be all that useful in running an X86 emulation).

Dunno how it stacks up against recent Intel/AMD offerings, but
I suspect there's enough raw horsepower there for an emulator to
keep up with a typical Intel/AMD uniprocessor from the era when
XP was released.

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