[Wine] alsa not available in winecfg under karmic?

Susan Cragin susancragin at earthlink.net
Mon May 11 07:49:52 CDT 2009

>Works fine here.  I upgraded to Karmic a couple of days ago and Alsa
>works fine (and is available in Winecfg).
>I suspect that you did the dist-upgrade at a point where not all
>packages were available, and accidentally removed something.  I know
>that when I upgraded I had to manually pick some packages because it
>would have removed half of KDE (the required packages were uploaded to
>the repos the following day).
>Karmic doesn't even reach Alpha1 until the 14th, so I wouldn't recommend
>anyone playing with it at this point unless they really know what you're
>doing and don't mind the occasional breakage.

AAAGGGGHHH... Top-poster.
Of course I'll wait. My system's hanging out over its skis.
But could you do me a favor, now that I found you? Could you download Audacity and try to record something using alsa with pulseaudio disabled in some way? Record for 10 seconds, stop recording, and start it up again and see if that works for you?
I'm not going to file a bug, I just want to know. 

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