[Wine] Eve adjustments (Thank you WINE developers for 1.1.21)

tparker tparker at etherstorm.net
Mon May 11 12:23:47 CDT 2009

yedidyah wrote:
> I want to especially thank you guys for your work on this update 1.1.21 I can now run Eve Online on my kubuntu box that contains the nVidia 7600gt.
> There must be adjustments that still need to be done still on my end as Eve runs somewhat sticky (jerky motions).

Just a side note, if you have a newer video card available give that a 
try. Eve has made several graphics changes in the last updates and it 
requires more from the graphics cards than it used to. We traded out an 
nvidia 7950 for a 9800 and the game runs very well now.

I second the thanks to all the people working on wine for their time and 

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