[Wine] Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn - failure to run

Narthex wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon May 11 21:37:48 CDT 2009

To come clean at the very beginning of all this, I'm a very new Linux user - my Windows XP computer decided to destroy itself and so Ubuntu was my only choice in lieu of buying another copy of an already shoddy operating system. 

Because the Baldur's Gate 2 CDs do not have copy-protection, I simply copied their contents into a single folder in c: within wine's invisible directory. This allowed the game to recognize the various CDs without having to switch them manually (an action that is impossible within the world of Ubuntu). 

After this struggle, I thought all my troubles were behind me. I set Wine's emulation Windows mode thingy to be Windows 98 and had it emulate a virtual desktop (in order to avoid the full-screen version of the game gobbling up my screen). However, upon going to run the game (by using the launcher in applications), it will send me to the virtual desktop, as normal. It will then present me with the startup screen, as normal. I click on the Play button and I wait a few seconds and a window appears, telling me to insert disk 2 into Drive D. I do so. I reload the game and repeat the process - but this time, the game crashes without any sort of visible warning other than 'we're sorry, but this has messed up'.

Also, lastly - baldur.ini seems to be missing its contents, containing only the single line [Program Options] at the top. Anyone who is familiar with Baldur's Gate 2 is invited to help, please!!!

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