[Wine] Today's git mis-reads CTL-S

Susan Cragin susancragin at earthlink.net
Tue May 12 13:31:35 CDT 2009

> Works fine for me with the latest git....must be a KK alpha(?) thing. 
>> new 2.6.20 kernel
>2.6.30-rc5 you mean? Running rc5 also...

I know what it is. It's a hal error. 
Do you remember that hal/hald errors last night that made so many people's machines stall, and then we had to upgrade from a prompt? 
Well, the upgrade made my Dvorak keyboard re-set to US-Eng, and had to re-set back.
You're right, of course, about my kernel. I have 2.6.30-rc5, not 20.

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