[Wine] Re: Full guide: How to Crack DRM Video

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue May 12 19:01:53 CDT 2009

Standard policy don't bother responding to them Michael Reich.

Mailing list and forms will get there fair share of spam from time to time.

Problem is captcha is not a problem for bots anymore people determined to spam pay humans to process the captcha and have bot do the rest.  captcha only slows down the least advanced bots who don't have a farm of humans to process captcha's.

Giving them attention like this only make it worse.   Request that topic disappears from forum  directly in a pm or other message to the forum maintainer is the most effective.

Lot of the bots do check back how well there advertising lasts.   On the forum I would have not even known about it because its already off the first page if no one had commented about it.

There will be fools out there who will go looking for it because it still here.

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