[Wine] Font issue with Wine

Jhyn wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed May 13 02:45:00 CDT 2009


I'm under Ubuntu - Jaunty Jackalope. While installing 3 different games under Wine (Medieval II - Total War, Patrician III : Rise of the Hanse and Anno 1503), the installation went smoothly but the same problem of the game asking to insert an already inserted CD occured. 

By searching the web, it appeared that it was a cd protection issue, so I found no-cd patches and applied them. Each of the game complain in a different manner that fonts are missing (directly for the two latter, by "facing an unknown error" for the former). I installed the allfonts and fontfix packages with winetricks, tried to jump to the unstable version, no change.

All those games are rated between Gold and Platinium in WineHQ, so I guess there must be a solution. Do you have any hint?

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