[Wine] 64-bit OS, WINE and Memory (size) related question.

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Wed May 13 21:28:57 CDT 2009

On 2009-05-13 (Wednesday) 18:23:07 imatechguy wrote:
> I've recently gotten the urge to start playing around with some 64-bit
> distros.
> ...
> My dilemma is that the apps I use WINE for (Games) are all 32-bit, which
> leaves me to wonder how effectively used the extra memory will be utilized,
> by both the OS and WINE.

	64-bit Linux will use all available memory in your computer very well. You can 
expect much better performance after adding more memory if now you are using 
swap. Run "top" to see how much swap you are using; if more than 0 then adding 
more memory to your computer is good idea and you can expect better 
performance. Even if you have zero swap usage additional memory can be used by 
Linux for caching and buffers to improve performance.
	However, 64-bit Linux kernel or Wine can't do anything to remove 32-bit 
limitations from 32-bit applications (vitamin already explained these 
limitations to you).

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