[Wine] Re: 4Story charters, monsters, mounts are not animated

jay wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat May 16 12:48:12 CDT 2009

whaevr wrote:
> I submitted a bug report for the text as well. I then also submitted it to be linked to 4Story.

Interesting, I just noticed that the character captions (names+icons) seem to display correctly (readable and colored) when the camera is really really close to the name, can you confirm that?
I first seemed to me that "blue" is supposed to be transparency as the text/symbols get more and more blue the farther the camera moves away, but couldn't find any overhead text transparancy on screenshots, so I guess, judging by the color, that it's the blue "fog" which is beyond the visible area, which is calculated for those captions, but with the wrong distance...

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