[Wine] Re: Font issue with Wine

RDMatWineHQ wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat May 16 13:09:49 CDT 2009

As I recall what finally got me past that problem was simply to define D: within the wine configuration as /media/cdrom  [or was it actually /media/cdrom0 or /media/cdrom1 depending on which I actually use for installing the game(s)?]  

However, being as I am currently using Karmic Koala = Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha and my wine installation took place under Jaunty Jackolope = Ubuntu9.04 Beta I may be forgetting something else I needed to do.  

As for the problem with fonts, I seem to recall having had to add a soft link within my wine profile in order to solve that problem.  

Sorry, I'm a bit too busy to check back with my Jaunty Jackolope installation at this moment.  Maybe a bit later if I get the chance.  But do try that wine configuration change.  Maybe that will in the end prove to be all you need to do to solve the "CD missing" problem.  ;)

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