[Wine] Font issue with Wine

James Mckenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sat May 16 16:22:11 CDT 2009

RDMatWineHQ wrote about [Wine]  Re: Font issue with Wine
>As I recall what finally got me past that problem was simply to define D: within the wine configuration as /media/cdrom  [or was it
>actually /media/cdrom0 or /media/cdrom1 depending on which I actually use for installing the game(s)?] 

You should use Winecfg for this.  Just map D: to the mount point for your CD media.  On single drive systems (that is one CD drive), this should be /media/cdrom.  For systems with multiple CD drives, this could be /media/cdrom0 or /media/cdrom1.  The only way to tell is to navigate in Linux to the drive and look. 
>However, being as I am currently using Karmic Koala = Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha and my wine installation took place under Jaunty Jackolope =
>Ubuntu9.04 Beta I may be forgetting something else I needed to do.

This should not change between subversions.  It might have changed between 8.x and 9.x.  This would be unusual. 
>As for the problem with fonts, I seem to recall having had to add a soft link within my wine profile in order to solve that problem.  
You have to symlink the fonts directory on Linux into the fonts directory in your user Wine space.  I would give an example, but it might be more confusing than helpful.

Also, you may have to use winetricks to install corefonts, as most Linux distributions do not come with Microsoft supplied fonts.

James McKenzie

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