[Wine] Problem with parameter from Tux to win

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sat May 16 18:50:04 CDT 2009

JujuLand46 wrote:
> @demesio,
> It seems the bug you're talking isn't the problem I describe. There is a few time I have solved it with a program which replace the linux path by a windows path. And, When I click on an html file, it transforms the windows path to a linux one, and K-Meleon opens it correctly.
> No, the problem I talk is about the parameter passed by a linux program to a windows program using wine. It seems wine isn't able to receive it and pass it to the windows program.
> I think it's an important feature to have a complete integration of a windows program into Linux.
Look for this in Bugzilla.  If it is not present, file an enhancement bug.

James McKenzie

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