[Wine] Re: Problem with parameter from Tux to win

JujuLand46 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun May 17 03:47:52 CDT 2009

I have read with more attention all the comments of the bug related by demesio, and all the comments are about file association, which isn't my problem.

My problem is about how wine can receive a parameter from a linux program.

I'm using Ubuntu, and in my case it's how to send a parameter from Linux Thunderbird to windows K-Meleon program.

The way Ubuntu knows the program to use (mail client and browser) to open an URL is set by the tool 'Prefered programs'. This is the same parameter that when opening a local html file.

For an HTML file, the command : program %U works correctly. If I delete %U, the program is launched without opening the file. So I think it's obviously necessary to add %U

For an URL passed from Thunderbird to K-Meleon (with the use of wine, obviously), same result, except the parameter isn't passed by Thunderbird, or not received by wine.

I think the way used is different for Nautilus and Thunderbird.

If I replace a personnalized program with a program set in the list, it works.

Maybe when in the list, the parameters aren't read the same way, and wine is also able to read it and then send it to K-Meleon.

I'm really lost in these problems, because I'm a newbee in Linux.

Thank for your advice about the fact to fill a bug for this problem, and how to write it, because I think I don't explain clearly my problem.


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