[Wine] Re: Command prompt problem to solve software installation issue

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun May 17 07:27:17 CDT 2009

kernowmajor wrote:
> I am very new to the wine windows emulator using it on an Acer Aspire One netbook running the linipus OS. My first attempt at using it has been to install a ZTE MF627 USB modem. The installation process for the windows based software failed with an error message as follows ' File did not self register or unregister c:\ProgramFiles\3\3connect\capicom.dll module not found'.
> Searching the net I found the following comment ‘The current version of the capicom.dll file for the CAPICOM is To be able to use the full capabilities of the CAPICOM module, the capicom.dll file should be registered using the command prompt. At the command prompt, you must change the directory to where the capicom.dll file is stored and the regsvr32 capicom.dll command input must be entered. Upon the registration of the capicom.dll module, the full features of the CAPICOM module can be used’.
> Can anyone help me, as a silver haired surfer, with some simple guidance. My past experience of a command prompt was that it looked like the old MS Dos window. How do you open such a window in wine and what would be the directory commands that would have to be used. I have tried using the run command with 'cmd' but no window opens? – any help would be really appreciated.

Open a Linux terminal and type:

regsvr32 capicom.dll

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