[Wine] apps with Aladdin HASP HL hardware-based protection key (dongle)

Frantisek Hanzlik franta at hanzlici.cz
Sun May 17 07:38:57 CDT 2009

Hello all, know anyone when (and how) is possible run windows
application trusted with Aladdin HASP HL dongle?

Searching internet and Wine mailing lists it seems for me situation is
- for HASP network keys, these probably can be installed either on
same Linux machine with Linux drivers provided by Aladdin, or on any
windows machine (with Windows drivers). Application running under wine
should be find HASP key in both cases, I'm right?

- HASP local keys usage, according to some information approx. one year
ago, wasn't possible, but there was some fiddlings about it.
How is situation after a year? Know anyone, when is possible run
windows application under wine with HASP HL local (Basic/Pro) key?
Or how start with some testing? When searching Aladdin site, they
doesn't know word "wine" :(

Thanks in advance,
Frantisek Hanzlik

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