[Wine] Re: 4Story charters, monsters, mounts are not animated

jay wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon May 18 10:45:53 CDT 2009

Hagar wrote:
> In my second post in that thread I did two ideas how clean up and change 4Story AppDB 
> > 1. Deleting old version "open beta" and "1.01" they are unmaintained and forgotten.
> > 2. Merging "1.2 German (03/22/09)" and "12.17.09" together into all versions.
>  Guys give me a green light and its done ASAP :P

I checked the 4story german website (fortunately I can understand German :P), it seems that the publisher gameforge is doing the translation instead of the original producers/publishers (ZEMI).
They seem to keep the codebase unchanged, but e.g. they needed 2 months for translating and releasing one of the bigger patches.

Therefore I would suggest: 
Delete non-existing/obsolete versions ("1.01", "Open Beta"), but keep the English version and the German version separated.
Due to the translation delay, bugs affecting the original version may not (yet) be affecting the German version.
They couldn't be reproduced there or could even be related to game features with wouldn't even be available in the German version.

I would suggest these "version" changes:

"12/17/08" -> "English version by ZEMI INTERACTIVE INC."
"1.2 (German, 03/22/09)" ->  "German version by Gameforge AG"

and, if anybody is willing to test it, the Korean version can be added as well of course. 
Maybe ZEMI releases English patches at the same time as the original Korean ones, then they could have a common entry "English/Korean version by ZEMI INTERACTIVE INC.", if not they would have to be separated too for the same patch delay reasons as with the German version.

I don't understand any Korean, so I couldn't find out if they released their patches together with the English ones or earlier ;-P

So whenever a German patch would be released you would log in and check if the wine bugs that were detected in the same English patch weeks ago (and not fixed by now) are in the German version too. If yes you would link the bug to the German version as well.

Hagar wrote:
> jay
> If I get that well 4Story uses some kind old unsupported API to animate models and that's why we have this bug?

Yes, sorta - at least that's the way I understood it.
I will have a closer look when I get a chance too, but if you want to discuss this further with me just send me your AIM/YIM/ICQ/MSN/SKYPE/IRC/whatever as PM so I can add you to my contact lists.

Best Regards,

PS: I recently started playing Perfect World. This game has like 11 different publishers, some translate the game in various languages, others add an own development team and game features etc... That's why I had the idea of checking who the German publisher of 4Story is and how they influence their game version ^^.

PPS: Yes I know, I type terribly much...

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