[Wine] Re: 4Story charters, monsters, mounts are not animated

Irfy wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon May 18 13:03:25 CDT 2009

jay, it's a personal view on things, obviously. I'm not trying to generalize things - you shouldn't either. It just happens that I couldn't care less about animations (*), and that the overhead texts majorly annoy me. There are votes, we can vote on the bugs - everyone's happy. I don't think that arguing about importance of things, expecting everyone to agree is productive.

And whatever I think is not arbitrary - there is always a reason for my opinion: the overhead texts problem majorly influences my ability to find out whether I'm surrounded by enemies when I port myself to another place during a war, which makes it difficult to be effective, and of help to my guild.

On the other hand, the animations are a pure eye candy, they don't hinder you in doing anything, they just visually annoy. However, I acknowledge that my "just" is your "majorly".

(*) That was an overstatement for the sake of the argument. I do care about animatons, they're the second item on my annoyances list.

jay wrote:
> No offense, but I'm a bit amused at some statements in this thread.
> Character animation is for sure very important for the gaming experience, calling a game very³ playable without character animation is like calling a movie completely watchable if there's no (good/real) acting (but the story and effects [sorta] work! "It just not as nice, but it's completely functional") or "the MS office interface is in all flashy [blinking!] pink - who cares, everything else works!"
> The animations deliver a huge part of the gaming atmosphere and without it the game is awkward and annoying to look at - and completely different from the windows gaming experience to say the least.
> If that games players wouldn't want animations and stuff they would have picked some command line MUD game etc.. but they picked a recent 3d game and have to notice there's no character animation AT ALL.
> By the way, I'm sure the same bug affects other games, at least it really reminds me of the bug in of a particular 3d sex game (I think it was "cherrydolls", but need to download and check), which is actually more entertaining without any character animations and eyes and teeth floating outside of the body :D but I guess you would consider character animation more important for gameplay there :P
> I'm not saying that someone has to do something about this bug (I'm not even playing the game myself), but I think claiming that the lack of character animations in a modern 3d MMORPG isn't important is rather ridiculous, especially because the awkward, obvious and permanently visible bug of lacking any character/model animation will have almost every windows user trying the game on wine saying "WTF?! LOL! no thanks!" and go right back to windows.
> As I consider this bug quite important or at least interesting (I'm also trying to find other games affected by it) I'm currently trying to find out why it comes to "warn:d3d:transform_worldex Unsupported blend matrix set" instead of the animation (if I override that check the bug looks the same like it did in cherrydolls -> bone animation is moving the whole model instead of it's parts, making it tilting), but I'm new at this and it might be an unsolvable d3d/opengl incompatibility ..  whatever.
> Have a nice day,
> Jay
> PS: Oh and yes, those names/overhead texts are indeed quite a pain to read :/

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