[Wine] Re: Why Firefox (under wine) print dialog doesn't have any optio

gamblor01 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue May 19 08:17:27 CDT 2009

yep -- your subject certainly got cut off so we can't tell which option you are asking about.

> What system are you using that requires you to run Firefox under wine instead of a native version of Firefox?

Yeah most popular systems out there should have a native version.  One thing I thought of recently however is that some people may install IE6 (via winetricks) and then you might be able to use the IE tab in Firefox if you run the Windows version of Firefox through Wine.

I haven't tested it but it's possible.  Seems like most web pages are written properly and thus render correctly in both browsers (as well as Opera, Safari, etc.) but I know of at least one page that I visit where it renders fine in IE but is difficult to read in Firefox.

Then again, if you're just looking to visit one or two web pages in IE you could just install IE6 through winetricks and only open it when you need it (which is presumably not often)...

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