[Wine] Hamachi annoyances

Jan-Matthias Braun jan_braun at gmx.net
Tue May 19 09:36:54 CDT 2009


On Tuesday 19. May 2009 13:20:30 thorin wrote:
> Got a very frustrating problem here, I've been trying to use hamachi to
> play a few games over it's virtual lan connection. With all the games in
> question, be they native or run via wine, they all seem to not be able to
> pick up on the hamachi network.
> My /etc/hosts file has the following entries.
> sirbubbles-desktop
> localhost
> sirbubbles-desktop
> I had /etc/network/interfaces set up with the ham0 network interface, but
> since it didn't seem to be working, I thought I might have mucked it up,
> and deleted it. The games that I've been trying to run are Warcraft 3 with
> a special version of wine that's been patched for networking and
> battle.net, and works over my local network, as well as Red alert 2 with a
> udp patch to allow lan games.
> I'm running Ubuntu 8.10 with a lan connection to my adsl router, if that
> makes any difference. The router also supports wireless, but I'm using lan
> for my pc.
> Also, this all works fine under windows, on my end and on my friend's end.
> And I have no software firewall installed, and hamachi as well as the games
> have all their respective ports forwarded.
> Thanks for your help.

if I recall correctly the games are sending broadcasts to the network to 
discover and announce network games. Add a special route for these packets to 
the hamachi interface to get the games to see each other. Something like
	route add dev ham0
should do the trick.

Hope that helps,

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