[Wine] DarWine & OpenGL

James Mckenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Wed May 20 08:29:32 CDT 2009

pinchies wrote about {Wine]  DarWine & OpenGL
>For the past 3 months I have been trying to get wine working well, but have hit several obstacles.
>I am on a Mac 10.5.7, using X11 from Xquartz, and using Kroneberg's Darwine builds.

One item, Mike builds for Tiger, not Leopard.  I have built on Leopard and will, again, attempt to get the file uploaded to the same site that hosts Mike's builds.

>The issues:
>I can't seem to get OpenGL working or DirectX.

This is a shortcoming of OpenGL on Tiger (you cannot install XQuartz builds on Tiger from what I gather on the XQuartz site that has the OpenGL fixes and server updates.)

>I sometimes have problems where I launch an exe, and the program runs as if it cannot "see" any other
> files in the same folder. This means some programs seem to not launch correctly.

How are you launching the programs?  Through a link or by changing to the install directory and then launching through Finder?  The suggested method is to use terminal and then lauch using the wine <program.exe> command and this is outlined in the Wine FAQs as well.

>Does anybody have a setup/config that they have tried on OS X where everything is working, and could
>they describe this to me?

I've installed Fink and loaded the dependencies needed to build Wine.  I then used Mike's build environment to build Wine on Leopard.  I then installed it and ran Final Doom (which crashed with Mike's builds.)  The program ran well once I set it up to use Windowed mode (it ran but was real ugly in full screen mode.)

Hope this helps solve your Wine on MacOSX difficulties.

James McKenzie

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