[Wine] Re: Prog running in Wine OK but needs Alt+F10 to maximise.

Graeme wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat May 23 01:57:43 CDT 2009

Thanks Austin. I have now successfully updated Wine to 1.1.22 . The Alt+F10 keystrokes are no longer needed but the window still has to be manually maximised. HOWEVER - the wordprocessor doesn't work at all now - won't accept keystrokes. Updating to Wine 1.1.22 has also broken another prog I've been running in Wine - Co-Writer - it now freezes at its splashscreen. It worked 100% perfectly on older version of Wine.

Looks like I'll need to revert.

Don't suppose you know how I could make and run a little script to perform the 'click on minimised prog.....carry out Alt+F10' command automatically - or even from a launcher icon on the desktop?

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