[Wine] [SUGGESTION] WINE, autodisable/ask to disable PulseAudio

rautamiekka wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat May 23 10:07:32 CDT 2009

Since PulseAudio causes much trouble alot, why not make WINE to either
1) autodisable
2) ask to disablePulseAudio when running something ?

By my understanding if this would be implemented, either of the following is done:
1) When executing wine theprogramname.exe it first calls to WINE, which then query the system for PA. Then if PA is found, WINE adds padsp to the commandline and continues executing theprogramname.exe(how this technically is done, I'd make WINE to store the wine theprogramname.exe to a string variable, then combine padsp and wine theprogramname.exe string variables into one. Then WINE executes the string variable's content as command)2) When WINE is being installed, the installer query the system for PA. Then if PA is found, the installer adds padsp to each wine theprogramname.exe to make it look like padsp wine theprogramname.exe

Personally I'd prefer the second approach cuz it sounds less resource-hungry.

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