[Wine] Re: gdi32.dll error

pinchies wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat May 23 17:40:21 CDT 2009

Generally, I had this problem when I ran (at least once) the builds from thisismyinter.net, as it seemed to install files that were incompatible for the kroneberg builds. Try removing all the files that were installed by the thisismyinter.net build, and then try the kroneberg builds.

follow the directions here:

Several Notes:
There are quite a lot of files installed, so perhaps google "pacifist os x", which can open packages to tell you where things are installed.
Pacifist cannot open packages recursively, you will need to extract any packages within a package to see inside them.
You may also need to use some program to see invisible files. Search up "invisible files" over at macupdate.com

Any questions please post them here.

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