[Wine] Re: Pathfinder Office 2.70 install- Regedit case sensitive?

Paleoethnobotanist wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat May 23 23:01:10 CDT 2009

I've tried all the suggestions mentioned here, and changed permissions. None of them helped to eliminate the error message (which is generated by the software I'm trying to run).

I thought that the directory structure of Linux was similar to Windows in that case wasn't important, but have learned different.  

I don't know what to try next.  A friend of mine thinks that there may be a dll that's not working right with this software, but I don't know how to figure that out.  I haven't learned the command line side of Linux, and I'm working with the desktop interface... I'd rather get these bugs fixed and then learn the commands later (as I'd be teaching others to use Linux via the desktop interface).  Thus, if you have suggestions, can they be done through the desktop interface?

Is there any way to chase down which dll it is, without trying each one separately?    This has been driving me crazy.

I've even thought (and tried) to set up a virtual machine- but that's also new software that I haven't figured out.  I'd rather use Wine if possible.  My laptop is limited to 512 mb ram.

Being that the software is several years old (about 1998 to 2000 vintage), I would think it would run fine (it's supposed to be able to run from w3.1 clear to w2k, including wNT 3.5 and 4).  The installer is garbage- doesn't install all the files and doesn't edit the registry correctly.   Some of the modules do run- except the two that are critical for our projects.

Both of those come up with "Improper database name for Coordinate Systems Manager" error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Before anyone suggests the commercial Wine versions - I can't afford that.

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