[Wine] Quicken 2009

stunter wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun May 24 16:23:31 CDT 2009

Well, I've been trying to install this. I was using Quicken 2006 Basic for quite awhile without problems, but Intuit quit supporting it and I couldn't do online banking anymore. The message said I had to upgrade to a newer version. So, I went to Intuit site, bought and downloaded Quicken 2009 basic (Starter, they call it now) and tried to install it with wine. The install seems to go fine, but when I start the program, it gets to the point of asking if I want to start a new file or import an old one and freezes. I don't get the opportunity to choose which one. Output on a terminal says it is exiting be because it can't find Microsoft.Windows.Core-Controls. I'd post the output, but in trying various things to get this to work, I ended up trashing my .wine folder and starting over. I haven't tried to re-install Quicken yet and after some research, I'm not sure I should until I have an idea of how to proceed.

Thanks for any help.


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