[Wine] Re: EVE online won't run

randknu wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun May 24 21:32:10 CDT 2009

First: sound. This gave me a real headace to figure out, until i found that by default it had chosen the builtin ATI HDMI digital sound output as primary sound. I figured out how to make it select the usb audio instead. (which is builtin) Don't know why it's called usb audio but it's called that in xp as well. Can i disable the ATI sound? no, sound is playing and the sound works, well, at least the music works. haven't gotten far enough to test anything else.

Second: How do i install corefonts using winetricks?

third: EVE frose so i had to end it by force.

Fourth: That's what i'm doing.

I'll also point out that although i have used linux for some server duties for a few years, i have never had any use for graphics or sound in linux so i have no experience at this.

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