[Wine] Re: How can I detect WINE from my program?

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun May 24 23:20:16 CDT 2009

The wine registry key is created when wined3d is installed in windows as well for virtualization support ie windows running in many emulators has wined3d installed. 

wine_get_unix_file_name() would be classed as a internal wine function that can be renamed or removed without notice.

For long term compatibility it is preferable if detection is not used and the flaws in wine fixed.  Basically megapup don't complain to us if one day that function gets removed or renamed it is an internal function.

Now look about my note about wined3d you might detect wine but if the problem is in wined3d you are in trouble since it exists on windows and wine and a virtualization system might rename its registry keys making it not detectable straight up.

Providing test cases of where the error is or patching the error in wine is kinda important.

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