[Wine] Half-Life starts fine with sound, but freeze on start game

James Huk huk256 at gmail.com
Mon May 25 02:26:02 CDT 2009

2009/5/25 The-DarkLord <wineforum-user at winehq.org>

> For another game (Heavy Metal FAKK2) that resolution works...
> glxinfo says "direct rendering yes" and some opengl games work, direct
> linux games or e.g. fakk2 what uses opengl too. But while installing cedega
> for testing i figured out, that the 3d accel test doesnt work! OpenGL is
> fine but it seems i have no d3d. Can that be a reason? But as hl support
> opengl it must work without 3d3 too ^^
> How can i find out, if OpenGL works fine with wine? Is there a command or
> something?
> Which version of cedega? I remember that D3D test always failed for me ;]
but I always had acceleration anyway – don't depend on this too much.

What card do you have?

Generally, if DirectRendering is YES that means that you have acceleration.
Older Cedega may fail to work on never Geforce cards (or rather newer
drivers) but this is not directly related to direct rendering (and there is
simple workaround for this).

If OpenGl works in Linux it will work in wine – how good will it work is a
different matter ;]

For example, I have tested older cards like Voodoo3 – and I was only able to
play OpenGL based games – in DX games there were many, many errors and wine
often crashed. Of course if you have Radeon or GeForce it should work just
fine (well... with Radeon pixel shaders may still be messy but other then


You still didn't posted console output...
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